Master Developments
Mazaya Qatar’s purchasing and apportionment of large spaces to develop in selected areas is considered one of the largest assets the Company has in terms of its services. A fully-fledged team assesses the different feasible locations in which the company plans to invest in, or develop, to extract the optimum value for the price purchased. The scope of work that underlines the efficiencies of our strategy for building new opportunities are signified as: Search for new opportunities as well as develop opportunities at hand. Systematically complete due diligence and gather the required information to enable a realistic assessment of the highest potential for any given opportunity. Complete various different feasibility studies in close support with our finance department. Structure the mainstream plans of the key tasks (i.e. Financing, Engineering, & Marketing) Assign and continually monitor projects throughout all stages of the development process. Develop a project management team to ensure the maximum efficiencies of the projects are met. Develop and help administer the project up to the tending phase.