Property Valuation
A part of Mazaya Qatar’s services, which is directly related to the company’s main practice in real estate, is valuation. In order to fully evaluate all aspects of the deal, whether big or small, we have an experienced evaluation department. This is the first of many steps we use towards determining the true value of property. With an accurate valuation, we then can prepare the necessary feasibility studies for projects meant for sale or future expansion, as well as accurately calculate a company’s underlying assets. The process of evaluating real estate is done in various ways that follow a study that measures the value of the property in relation to the future profits expected from the property. We have developed and maintained an in-house database, as well as our management team’s experience and contacts to ensure we have the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. These are some of the many steps used to present a comprehensive report and study, which can then be used to help finance the real estate project done through banks or finance companies.