Project Management & Consultancy
Why Mazaya Qatar? The legal metaphor goes “he who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. For the same reason, you should not venture into mega construction projects without a professional development manager beside and slightly in front of you, leading the way. Without Mazaya Qatar, it is a decidedly tilted field; in the simplest terms, Mazaya saves you money, but not only money. Mazaya Qatar perceives and controls the four dimensions of a development through the client’s eyes: cost, schedule, quality, and functionality. Each of these dimensions is crucial to you the client. Each warrants rigorous oversight and controls to ensure your requirements are well defined and fully implemented; a development has to be successful across all these dimensions and not just the cost. Construction Project Management Services Mazaya Qatar manages your construction project for you – we operate as an extension to your staff, and represent your interests while leveraging the best possible performance out of all the entities employed by you on the project. We manage the day-to day work of all entities involved on the project, while you retain all the major decision making authority, and all the contractual relationships flow back to you. Mazaya is there to give you professional advice at every step in the process. Experience, influencing skills, and leadership style are paramount in determining the effectiveness of a Project Manager. In short, Mazaya Qatar Project Management keeps you and your staff free to focus on your core business, while it brings extensive experience in real estate construction to your service, from assessing the viability of your development and controlling the design and construction phases to providing the required facility and operation management. Since Project Management is, at its core, a process of leading a team to perform their best in support of a common goal, leadership is among the most important things we value and offer. We bring leadership and exceptional real estate construction experience to the management team from the genesis of a project’s idea to assisting in avoiding both financial obstacles and development problems. We organize and coordinate the work of the many participants, thus making their efforts more efficient. We supervise and assist the team planning the project, we document that plan, and oversee its members executing the plan. Mazaya Qatar manages the schedule, ensuring each team member’s efforts are as productive and efficient as possible; we monitor spending against approved budgets, and forecast the cost of the uncompleted work to anticipate any cost overrun, while keeping you informed and updated on progress and issues. We further steer the development process in the right direction through: Experience Integrity Leadership Fairness Professionalism Follow-through Problem solving and streamline solutions Effective and proactive communications Quality How Does Mazaya Qatar Do It? Mazaya Qatar Projects Department has a unique approach to being a Project Manager. We utilize “Holistic Project Management” - an art of identifying and effectively responding to the full range of your needs. It involves thinking outside the box to find creative solutions to a broad range of your requirements, which go beyond the nuts and bolts of a construction development. When business conditions change unexpectedly, we work with you to change the development plans accordingly and facilitate the changes in design and construction contracts; we work with the human element of the project, we don’t just react to obstacles as they arise, but we work pro-actively to mitigate them. Being a pioneer in real estate development, Mazaya Qatar Project Management’s advantage over others is that we “see the development process through the clients’ eyes”.