Claims Reimbursement
How to Reimburse Claims
All reimbursement claims, for medical services availed of outside the designated network providers, should be reported to Daman within the time period specified in your Schedule of Benefits, and should be submitted with the following required documents: • Original itemised invoices with dates. • Medical Report/Discharge Summary signed and stamped by the treating doctor (for inpatient services only). • Original drug prescription with a detailed pharmacy bill (itemised). • Diagnostic (lab/radiology) investigation reports and invoices. • Copy of Daman card. Reimbursement claims submission should be to the human resources office at your Company while it could also be submitted by visiting Daman’s office. Reimbursement forms are available as download in the below link as well as at the human resources office at your premises. values Reimbursement Claim Form Reimbursement of appropriately documented claims (as per the list of documents above) will be settled within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the claim, and a cheque will be issued in the policy holder’s/ principal’s name along with a detailed settlement report.