Pest Control
Welcome to New Style Pest Control, your best resource for professional supplies for residential and commercial control of pests. Our expertly trained staff can advise you on your pest control needs.
Its a pleasure to introduce ourselves as Domestic and Industrial Pest Control Operator. We give effective disinfestations treatment by modern instruments against Termite (White Ants), Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ants, Flies, Spiders, Lizards, Bed-Bugs, Rodent (Rats and Mice), Snakes and all other flying and crawling insects.
We cover all pests but also specialize in the following:
Contractual Domestic Pest and Termite control services for residential bungalow / Apartments.
Gaseous and Spray system pest control treatment at competitive price for Offices, warehouses, Godowns, Stores, Record Rooms, Factories, Hotels, Restaurant and all other public and private organizations.
Disinfestations ; Deratting of Vessels, Houses, Work Places, Warehouses and Stores.
New Style Trading apply scientific and hygienic methods for clearing sediment disinfection against virus / bacteria and other organisms, removing of sediment and moss by chemicals and scientific methods.