Mortuary & Forensic Equipment
A comprehensive range of post-mortem examination products and services. Dissecting, autopsy or necropsy tables, sinks, refrigerators, grossing stations and cabinetry. From simple work surfaces to complicated tables with integral downdraft systems, sinks and hydro-aspirators. a total system approach for laboratories, morgues, medical examiners, medical schools, research and veterinary facilities.
Transportable table Transportable table with x-tray Wall-mounted sink Embalming station Downdraft table Perimeter downdraft table
Refrigerator Low-opening refrigerator Mini-mort Mobile-mort Standard walk-in refrigerators
Surgical table & hood Large animal table Downdraft anatomy dissecting table Downdraft necropsy table Downdraft necropsy table w/drawers Downdraft dissection table Elevating downdraft necropsy table Pathology workstations Workstation Workbench