Breakout Tight Buffer Optical Cable Breakout Tight Buffer Optical Cable Breakout Tight Buffer Optical Cable
These cables are constructed bundling tight buffered simplex optical fibre in an outer jacket. Non metallic FRP strength members in the cable give it good tensile strength and electro- magnetic protection. It has small diameter, light weight and thick wall jacket protection,giving it versatile applications. It can be used in cable assemblies and places of high electro-magnetic interferences. Flexible and small bent radius ensures good performance against pressure. These simplex cables are individually reinforced with Aramid yarn so can be terminated without the need for breakout boxes, patch panel or junction boxes. Each fibre is mechanically reinforced with two successive sheaths of 400μm and 900μm which enables direct termination of connectors. Excellent strip force stability, fibre geometrical dimension and transmission performance meets the customer demand. Available in PVC, LSZH, Plenum outer sheath and tight buffer: 900μm, 600μm. The cable is specially designed for indoor applications like floor distribution, interconnection and equipment connection.