Armoured Fibre Patch Cord Specification
Zipcord and round cord cables available Fibre diameter: 50/125 um, 62.5/125 um multimode Insertion loss: 0.5 dB max Durability (1000 matings): 0.2 dB increase Operating temperature: -30ºc + 70ºc Patchcord terminates with compatible SMA905/SMA906, D4 Biconic or Escon connectors is also available PLASTIC PATCHCORD Comply with JIS C5976 F07 type connector Compatible with Toslink snap-in type connector Simplex and duplex connectors available PMMA fibre core; Halogen free jacket Insertion loss: 2.0 dB max; W.L.: 660 nm Operating temperature: -40ºc + 85ºc