LC - ST Hybrid Fibre Optic Adaptor
Norden’s fibre adaptors are available for all standard connector types in both single mode and multimode including Simplex and duplex versions. Single mode adaptors are available with either Zirconia or phosphor bronze sleeves. Zirconia sleeves provide tighter tolerances, generally required for angled physical contact (APC) connectors. Multimode adaptors are available with phosphor Bronze sleeves, which provide good performance for spherical polished connectors. The adaptor sleeve aligns the ferrules and holds them in place. The adaptors are colour coded allowing easy identification of the adaptor type. Norden hybrid Fibre optic adaptors are also available which are used to link different kinds of fibre optic connectors. Hybrid Adaptor specifications and functions are same as standard fibre optic adaptors. LC - ST HYBRID FIBRE OPTIC ADAPTOR LC – ST hybrid fibre optic adaptors are all with plastic or metal (Zinc alloy nickel plated) housing, there are different colours: blue for single mode PC, green for single mode APC and beige for multimode PC. Single mode adaptors are with Zirconia sleeve while multimode fibre adaptors are with phosphor bronze sleeve. Hybrid ST - LC fibre optic adaptors are available with both simplex adaptors and duplex adaptor