Evaluation Institute/Evaluating Performance
In any advanced education system it is imperative that there should be a highly innovative evaluation component to ensure that decision makers have access to high-quality, objective information. The responsibility for collecting, analysing and disseminating data is lodged with the Evaluation Institute. Consequently, the Institute has two primary roles: to inform schools, teachers and students about their performance, thus helping them reflect and improve upon it to supply information to parents, to other parts of the SEC, and to other decision-makers on the extent to which schools are fulfilling their roles. This information assists parents in selecting the best schools for their children and allows the SEC to assess the effectiveness of each individual school by implementing an institutionalized system of school evaluation. The Evaluation Institute consists of four offices: The Student Assessment Office The School Evaluation Office The Data Collection and Management Office (DCM) The Qatar Office of Registration, Licensing and Accreditation (QORLA)