Facial Treatments
We have an array of facial treatments to melt your stress and make your skin glow! Choose from: Relaxing Facial Massage, Deep Cleansing, Medical Spa Facial, Gold Facial, Matricol Facial, Face Beauty Patch, Nose/Eyes/Lips Patch, Sensational Eye Treatment (Puffiness and Wrinkles), Express Oxygen, Oxygen + Facial, Express Millenium, Millenium Lifting Facial, Express Dermabrasion, Dermabrasion + Facial, Express Ultrasonic Facial, Ultrasonic Lifting Facial, RF Firming Facial, Beauty of the Sea (Remineralizing Facial), Provencal Evasion (Moisturising Facial), Awaken the Senses (Lightening Facial), Sparkling Beauty (Glow Facial), Cranberry Delight (Rejuvenating Facial), Cocoa Vanilla Delight (Regenerating Facial), Tahiti Island Facial (Nourishing Facial), Kiwi-Cucumber Facial (Radiance Facial)