Air Cargo
Aero Freight Company Ltd. is an accredited IATA Freight Forwarder in state of Qatar, providing export and import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from any region. We work with an extensive network of selected agents to provide you with a seamless and reliable service. Our extensive schedule includes direct and consolidated shipments on all major trade lane routes, including transshipment every day. Service options beyond direct and consolidated services include: Charters; Oversize shipments; Packing & crating; Break-bulk and on-forward distribution; Dangerous Goods handling; and Insurance. Include specialized services for: Handling Garment shipment. Our main Features Air Freight services from all major airports Export & Import Consolidation Priority, Regular & Deferred Services Time up With Leading airfreight forwarders in the region handling all types of cargo Garments Export Handling of Exhibition materials Providing customers with on time delivery for their inbound and out bound shipments. Offers customers time sensitive solution for their specific needs regardless of origin, destination and payload. Appointed cargo agents of various Airlines