Warehousing & Distribution
Companies seeking strategic push into Qatar will find their efforts enhanced by Aero Freight's Warehousing and Distribution Infrastructure in Industrial Area. Aero Freight's Logistics and distribution division provides total logistical solution to clients including complete documentation Pick and pack, Warehousing and distribution services for the entire Middle East region. The company provides warehousing and distribution solutions that help clients improve inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle. Aero Freight Company is one of the largest provider of warehouse-based logistics in Doha with an area of 2,100 Sq. meters space. We bring unmatched expertise in managing dedicated and multi-user facilities providing services that support clients. Specialised, value added services focus on needs of specific industries, including consumer packed goods, automatic, industrial equipment, chemicals, consumer electronics and consumer durables. We provide facility of booking storage area on rented basis for short term or long term. As the warehouse has been provided with a multi user computer facility to maintain the stock on daily, monthly & yearly basis. It is also know as a pre-distribution management; AFC Logistics can load your product at point of origin, sort by final destination and will ship direct to the concerned place.