Cafe A light cream with the deep, rich flavour of Italian coffee. At once sweet and sharp like a latte. Citron Cream with lemon juice to tang it up. Reminiscent of lemon tart Chocolat A rich chocolate ganache 70% Venezuelan cocoa. A soft fondant with the full force of chocolate Figue Date Caramel au beurre sale Figue Subtle blend between the almond and the cream. Sprinkled with fig seeds Date Exclusively created for the opening of Dalloyau in Doha Caramel au beurre sale Dalloyau caramel with topsalt and a fondant cream to taken the edge off. The full flavour of a caramel that's short on sugar. Caramel Toffee Vanille Rose Caramel Toffee A delicate "gourmandise" with smooth caramel Vanille A Malagasy Bourbon vanilla pod paired prettily with Dalloyau marzipan. A unique, natural flavour your test buds could die for. Rose A delicate rose-perfumed cream in a vanilla setting. The light and sweet sensation of a finely flowery "fondant" Fleur d'oranger Pistache Fleur d'oranger A fine vanilla cream gently perfumed with orange blosson. An orange acidulated shell sprinkled with flaked almonds. The rich flavours of a refined oriental blend. Pistache Fondant cream with roast pistachio chips from Sicily. The authentic taste of pistachio blended with almond.