Cold Mezze
Foul Madames (Fava Beans)
Hommos Balila
Hommos Fatteh
Hommos Kawarma
Hommos with Shawarma ( Chicken or Meat)
Hommos with Meat & Pine Nuts
Hommos with Soujok
Hommos with Ghee & Pine Nuts
Spinach Fatayer
Sambousek Meat
Meat Safiha (Baalbakieh)
Soujok Safiha
Cheese Rolls
Layali Fatayer
Manakeesh Zaatar (Thyme)
Manakeesh Cheese
Soujok (Spicy Sausage)
Makanek (Sausage)
Fatayel Nari (Spicy Beef Strips)
Fatayel (with Mushrooms & Onions)
Chicken Wings (Fried or Grilled)
Chicken Liver (Fried)
Fried Eggs with Kawarma
Kibbeh (Fried)
Pumpkin Kibbeh
Halloumi Cheese (Fried or Grilled)
Spicy Potato
French Fries
Halloumi Cheese Kilage
Arayes Chicken
Arayes Layali
Arayes Meat
Birds (Fried or Grilled)