Massage for Men
Fem, Sweedish Ritual massage A traditional Sweedish Ritual Massage effective in relieving muscle soreness & stiffness. Aroma Massage A Thai massage using fragrant & natural plant extracts to work softly on skin and nerve endings, stimulating blood circulation. Thai Massage A Traditional Thai Massage stretching & deep muscle work that increases flexibility and thereby clears blockages in the energy channels. Ayurvedic Massage A traditional Indian Massage, using warm medicated herbal oils, using long strokes that are effective for overall rejuvenation & de-toxification. Sasak Balinese Massage A combination of Dry & Oil Massage. Includes gentle stretching, skin rolling, compressions and using palm & thumb pressures on the energy lines. Tri-Wicha, Pain Relieve Herbal Kizzi Poultice of spice & herbal powders are dipped in heated medicinal oils and massaged on the body to reduce joint stiffness & muscle pains. Gemini – Four Hands Massage Two therapists simultaneously using various techniques of massages to create a unique experience of relaxation. Kulya – Sports Deep- Tissue Massage Dry brushing to increase the blood circulation and lymphatic flow followed by Aroma Massage. Shiatsu Massage A Japanese Healing method using thump pressure to ease muscle tension and improve blood circulation. BodyGlaze Signature Massage Balancing the senses & Energy using a reviving technique. This will fill you with renewed energy making your life lot more enjoyable. Indian Head Massage An ancient Indian technique that is effective for relieving head ache and de-stress quickly Zen Foot Reflexology Reflexology is a channel of healing that work on the energy points to tone and stimulates the internal organs.