Embassy Services
The Consular Affairs Department responds to all inquiries by citizens and residents inside and outside the State. The Consular Affairs Department provides a number of services to Qatari nationals abroad through the diplomatic and consular missions, including: Issue transit tickets for the new born Qataris abroad. Issue transit tickets for Qatari nationals who lose their passports abroad. Issuing new passports for Qatari nationals whose passports have expired abroad as a result of long duration study, treatment or training courses) Facilitate the return of Qatari nationals into the country in cases of those who lost their passports in countries where there is no Qatari embassy. Issue various authorizations for Qatari nationals to facilitate their affairs abroad. Protect and care for the interests of Qatari nationals abroad. Stand by Qatari nationals who may have problems abroad and appoint lawyers to plead for them, as required.