The Consular Affairs Department provides legalization services for documents and papers through the Legalization Section at the Administration Building during office hours from 07:00 am to 01:00 pm. Legalization can also made in the Governmental Services Centers in (Musaimeer - Alwakra - Um Selal - Alzubara) on two shifts as follows: Morning shift from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. Morning shift from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm (Except Alzubara). Legalization can also made by diplomatic and consular missions of the State under the supervision of the Consular Affairs Department. A transaction is reviewed and the legalization procedures will be completed within a period ranging from one minute to five minutes depending on the number of transactions, in the cases where the transaction was valid and complete with all required signatures and seals. However, in case the transaction lacks any signatures and seals, the customer is requested to complete the requirements and come back to do the authentication. Commercial Documents: Certificate of origin 150 Riyal Packing List (Manifest) 150 Riyal Business contracts 100 Riyal Commercial Invoices: From (QAR) T0 (QAR) Fees 1 5000 100 Riyal 5001 15000 200 Riyal 15001 50000 500 Riyal 50001 100000 900 Riyal 100001 150000 1300 Riyal 150001 250000 1800 Riyal 250001 500000 2200 Riyal 500001 1000000 3000 Riyal 1000001 and more Fees are collected at 4% of the invoice value in QAR. Civil Documents: Public Agency 50 Riyal Private Agency 50 Riyal Guarantee Document 50 Riyal Property Sale Contract 50 Riyal Property Lease Contract 50 Riyal Mortgage Contract 50 Riyal Document of Deposit 50 Riyal Personal Status Documents: Birth Certificate 20 Riyal Adoption Certificate 20 Riyal Certification of Will 20 Riyal Certification of Endowment 20 Riyal Certification of Maturity 20 Riyal Inheritance Enumeration Certificate 20 Riyal Record of will reception and unsealing 20 Riyal Marriage Contract 20 Riyal Certificate of divorce 20 Riyal Approvals of marriage non-objection 20 Riyal Marital Approvals 20 Riyal Judiciary Documents: Authorizations 20 Riyal Litigation papers 20 Riyal Arbitration documents 20 Riyal Education Documents: Academic certificates 20 Riyal Other certificates 20 Riyal Medical Documents: Medical certificates 20 Riyal Medical reports 20 Riyal Other Documents: Any deed, document, contract or certificate not listed above, except for death certificates or joining Islam certificates (exempted) 20 Riyals