Foreign Policy/Arab Bilateral Relations/ International Cooperation
The State of Qatar helped the Arab spring movements since inception early in 2011. It took the initiative of supporting the Arab people in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria to achieve their aspirations. It has provided material and moral assistance for these revolutions. The State of Qatar always welcomes efforts made by the Arab League to pacify the Arab atmosphere, reach reconciliations and restore Arab solidarity on the realistic bases of openness and objectivity to fulfill the Arab common interest. The State of Qatar also supports the peace process in the Middle East out of its belief in the need to achieve just and comprehensive peace for all people of the region to have their aspirations of progress and development materialized. With regard to the humanitarian assistance, the State of Qatar provided financial, in-kind and medical assistance to many Arab countries. Pursuant to the policy of the State of Qatar to develop its relations with the Arab sister countries, HH the Emir visited all parts of the Arab world over the past years. Such appreciated efforts resulted in signing numerous agreements between the State of Qatar and Arab countries. Consequently, respective joint committees were established to activate these agreements and to strengthen cooperation between the State of Qatar and its Arab sister countries.