Duct Flanges Suppliers
ests have proved that quality duct fabrication fitted with efficient flanging systems pre-empt those nagging leakages. A perfect combination of CMS Duct and EXCEL Flanging systems can alone provide an answer to that internal malaise. EXCEL flange – XL90S Premium quality EXCEL Flange XL 90S comes with integral sealant which curtails seepages significantly. Integral sealant help the flange cling to the duct body tightly providing firmness and stability thereby creating effective barrier against any pressure drop. Its other accessories include; Excel Flange – 20mm Excel Corner – 20mm Excel Cleat – 20mm Excel Flange – 25mm Excel Corner – 25mm Excel Cleat – 30mm Excel Flange – 30mm Excel Corner – 30mm Excel G Clamp – 40mm Excel Flange – 35mm Excel Corner – 35mm Excel Flange – 40mm Excel Corner – 40mm