Pest Control Service
Aamal Services has a dedicated, specially-trained team for Pest Control Services. We use the very effective, but healthy and environmental-friendly chemicals with the help of sophisticated bait traps. Whether it be roaches, termites, ants, rodents, bird, or other unusual pest infestations, Aamal Services has application for eliminating of all kinds of pests. Specialized Needs for Your Properties, Businesses, Offices or Homes Your businesses and your properties are unique from any other. So at Aamal Services, we develop a specific approach to pest control for your specific business, industry, offices and home, while also maintaining Ministry and Municipal regulations. Aamal Services employs highly trained professionals Specialty-trained Management Continuing education for Aamal Services supervisors Industry-specific training Convenient service schedule No interruption to your normal operation After-hours & Weekend service available In addition to general pest control needs, we also offer: Roach control Ant and Termite control Rodent control Bird control Termite control Bed bug control