Glass Partitioning & Decoration
Glass partition is sometimes referred to as glass panel, glass wall or glass screen. Glass partitions are commonly used as a separator to create a space that can be used as an office or room to create a defined space in an office without creating a closed-off environment. These glass partitions are attractive and elegant, a nice way to divide areas in your office. It provides a cost effective solutions as they divide rooms with minimal structural modifications. Glass offices are naturally let in light between each of the areas, allowing the maximum amount of light through, giving your office a spacious feel, maintaining an open and airy appearance while dividing the room to allocate space differently. EliteQ Decoration specialized in the design and installation of glass wall system and glass office partitioning. Our company uses the latest technical innovations in combination with visually appealing design. We offer a full range of decorative glass products and each selection can be tailored and fitted in any configuration to the glass wall system of your choice. Whatever of the layout or size of your office, we can create the perfect partition to define the different areas in your office, from workspace to executive suites, conference and showrooms. We have the expertise and experience necessary to create a professional workspace that is both divided and united with the use of glass office partitions.