Gypsum Suspended Ceiling service
Gypsum is an abundant, naturally occurring mineral found as a rock composed of calcium sulphate and water, that is mined or quarried for a variety of uses - predominantly for the production of gypsum board and gypsum plaster. It is also known as "hydrous calcium sulphate". It is believed that the vast worldwide deposits of gypsum ore were formed by the precipitation of minerals and the evaporation of inland seas some 140 million years ago! Gypsum is also produced synthetically. One process uses the desulfurization of environmentally harmful flue gases at fossil-fuel burning power plants to create benign and beneficial gypsum. The gypsum industry has enjoyed tremendous growth since the turn of the century due to refinements in manufacturing processes, coupled with the need for high quality, low cost buildings and houses. It is estimated that about 90% of the interior finished surfaces of buildings are covered with gypsum products. The gypsum industry continues to investigate new and innovative ways to provide high quality products and services to code officials, designers, and others