Decorative Painting service
Painting Techniques, also known as "broken colour" is a decorative term which involves applying one or more colours in broken layers over a different colour undercoat, creating a multi-coloured or textured effect.All painting techniques start with the base coat painted with a solid colour and followed by a thinner coat of glaze paint. They are divided into two basic types - techniques where you add paint to the base coat and those where you remove paint. Dazzlingly dramatic effects can be achieved depending on the choice of colour and technique. For instance, you can sponge or rag-on lighter colour onto a darker base coat to create the illusion of depth. Or you can use a wet sponge or a rag to absorb some of the surface colour, exposing the different colour painted as base coat creating a crumbly, harder effect. Some of the techniques used for decorative painting include: sponging, colour washing, marbling, flame effect, ragging, etc.