HVAC - Pre Insulated Ducting
Use of Phenolic foam Pre-insulated ducting is a major breakthrough in the package Air conditioning ducting works for Industrial and commercial buildings, malls, hotels and large buildings which combines energy savings and safety and offers much cleaner environments. Qatari Industrial is the pioneer in bringing the Phenolic Foam Ducting technology to Qatar for major HVAC ducting applications. Qatari Industrial Equipment opened up the ducting division with a team of qualified and well trained technicians who could design, fabricate and install Pre-insulated ducting of any design and size for large commercial buildings. Koolduct Phenolic foam ducting supplied by PAL systems Italy meets international safety standards and is now being extensively used the world over for commercial HVAC ducting applications for various sizes. Ducting Division of Qatari Industrial Equipment has completed a number of major projects in Qatar, and have a well satisfied client list including West Bay Complex, Al Sadd Sports Club, US Army Base, City Center, Hyatt Plaza, Ramada Hotel, Doha Marriott Hotel and Villagio Project.The excellent reputation in these projects earned QIE the prestigious ducting contract in the New Doha International Airport passenger Terminals building. Ducting materials in substantial quantities have been stocked in the Warehouse of Qatari Industrial Equipment and the Ducting division has the capability to undertake large projects employing manufacturers own software packages for the design and fabrication of ducting which offer the client remarkable saving in time and money. Not surprisingly the Ducting Division of QIE is handling lion's share of the ducting contracts in large commercial towers coming up in Doha.