Al Shamal Municipality
History of the Municipality of North(Elshamal) Municipality location :Alshamal city The geographical boundaries ;the region (77.78, 79) Working hours for the reception of clients, 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM Official e-mail: Sections and subordinate units 1 - Director of the municipalitys Office. 2 - The customer service office. 3 - Technical Affairs Department 4 - Public Services Department. 5 - Control Department of the municipality. 6 - Management of public affairs. A historical overview of the municipality (origination and establishment and development) Was established under the municipal law of the year 1972 and the establishment of municipalities and dated 06/05/1392 H 07/17/1972G Highlights and Historic sites Which are located in the area of the visit. The Castle of Al Zubara is cosidered one of the most prominent monuments located in the Zubara. Municipality of North)Alshamal) Phone numbers Office of the Director: 44264488 Operator: 44264466 Technical Affairs Department of: 44264494 Public Affairs Department: 44264484