Al Wakrah Municipality
History of the Municipality of Al Wakra: Municipality location ;Al Wakra city the geographical boundaries ;Al Wakra city Working hours for the reception of clients, from 7:30 am up to 1:30 pm. Official email; Sections and subordinate units: 1 - Office of the Director of the municipality. 2 - customer service office. 3 - Technical Affairs departement 4 - Department of Public Services. 5 - Department of municipal control. 6 - Management of public affairs. A historical overview of the municipality (origination and establishment and development) Was established under the municipal law of the year 1972 and the establishment of municipalities and dated 06/05/1392 AH 07/17/1972 M.. Municipality of Al wakra Phone numbers Operator: 44264113 Department of technical affairs: 44264040 Management of public affairs: 44264101