Al Khor & Dhekra Municipality
History of the Municipality of the creek and ammunition Within the geographical boundaries of the south and east, the city of ammunition and the east coast, north of the city of Ras Laffan and the north coast, west of the area or water on the west coast of Qatar Working hours to receive customers from 7 am to 1.30 pm Official email Sections and subordinate units 1 - Office of the Director of the municipality. 2 - the customer service office. 3 - Technical Affairs. 4 - Department of Public Services. 5 - Control Department of the municipality. 6 - Management of public affairs . A historical overview of the municipality (origination and establishment and development) Al Khor Municipality was established under the law of year 1972, on 06/05/1319 AH 17/07/1972, which stipulates the establishment of new municipalities. Landmarks and historic sites that comprise the region: 1 - Al Khor Museum, which was in 1987. 2 - Al Khor Corniche. 3 - Port Creek. 4 - Creek Park, an area of 240 acres. 5 - Natural spoken ammunition. 6 - appointed Halitan. 7 - Al Khor Sports Club. 8 - Sultan Beach Hot Al Khor & Dhekra Municipality Phone numbers: 44265050 Fax: 44265070