Qatar Municipalities
Municipal Name :Doha Municipality Site : Al Sad Region Geographical Boundaries :Within the limits of geographical area bounded Kheraaj and Wadi Al Banat to the north, the east borders of the Doha Corniche and the airport, west along the north line of the Al Ebb until Thumama in south, the south administrative boundaries are ended after Al Thumama Working hours to receive customers: From 7 am to 2 pm Official email : Sections and subordinate units 1 - Director of the municipalitys Office . 2 - Customer service office. 3 - Technical Affairs. 4 - Public Services Department of. 5 - Municipality Control Department. 6 - Public Affairs Department. A historical overview of the municipality (origination , establishment and development) Qatar Municipality was Established as the oldest municipality in the State under the law No. (11) for the year 1963, with the organization of municipal Qatar, which organized the work of the municipality, and then some provisions of Law No. (11) for the year 1963 were amended with the Law No. (15) for the year 1963. and refer to the Article (1) of its amendments that , we find that Title of the law No. (11) for the year 1963 is replaced with (the organization of municipal Qatar) to the Law No. (15) for the year 1963 (the organization of Doha Municipality), then according to this article the name of Qatar Municipality was changed to Doha Municipality. According to article (1) of Article (2) that the Doha Municipality is established , has a corporate and considered one of the public institutions with the purpose of working with the best means to advance the Doha urban and healthy. The Doha Municipality since its inception with its various departments and units achieved many achievements and it took in mind the facilitating and expediting the completion of transactions and revisions in terms of municipal services, which has been done through the organized scientific planning , supporting these plans and programs, and setting all legislation and laws necessary to preserve these gains. Doha Municipality Phone numbers Director of Doha Municipality Office: 44347333 to 44347328 Operator: 44347777