Retail Software Solution

Q BIS Retail module can be connected to Accounts to eliminate multiple entries of transactions in relation to Supplier Invoices, Customer Invoices and valuation of stocks.

Q-BIS Retail module includes the following features:

1. File – Stock Categories, Stock Items, Locations/ Warehouses, Shelf/ Rack, Suppliers, Customers, etc.

2. Documents – Goods Receive Note, Purchase Invoice, Stock Transfer Note, Cash Memo, Delivery Note, Purchase Return, Sales Return, Quotations, Stock Adjustments, Opening Stock, Physical Count, etc.

3. Stock Controls like Re-order level, Re-order Quantity, minimum level, maximum level, dangerous level, etc.

4. Supports multi Stock Units, Stock Conversions, Issue Factor, Group Items etc. Credit Limit to Customer and Suppliers

5. Stock Ledger / Purchase and Sales Registers

6. Back dated reports and stock movement between any date

7. Stock Analysis by Stock Category, Supplier & Customer. Purchase & Sales Analysis by Stock Category, Supplier and Customer.

8. Integrated to Financial Accounts and provides Search Engines & Reports, ….and much more