ERP Solutions
VBS Offers ERP Solutions which fits into the industry standards and specific to clients Business process. Q-BIS – ERP Suit Package includes the complete modules – Finance & Accounts, Inventory & Stores, Purchase & Sales, HR & Payroll.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP utilizes ERP software applications to improve the performance of organizations’ resource planning, management control and operational control. ERP software is multi-module application software that integrates activities across functional departments, from product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, product distribution, to order tracking. ERP software may include application modules for the finance, accounting and human resources aspects of a business.

ERP systems aid in the control and communication of business activities, such as

1. Efficient handling of order processing and production scheduling.

2. Management and analysis of business processes within an interactive environment.

3. Synchronization of departmental activities (e.g., within human resources or finances) with the needs and output from production facilities

4. Monitoring, sharing, and tracking of information throughout the organization.