Business English Program
Purpose and Goals In today’s global economy, much of the world’s communication occurs in English and many people worldwide need English language skills to thrive. As such, our center’s major emphasis is high-quality English instruction. In our Business English Program, the focus is on interactive, conversational English and not teacher lecture as in traditional ESL centers. In fact, teachers practicing our methodology limit themselves to speaking no more than one-third of the class time and encourage students to converse in English in the remaining time. Of course, our trainers perfect grammar, introduce new vocabulary and work on reading and writing strategies, but the emphasis is always on spoken communication. Our program allows students to develop their verbal English skills as quickly and effectively as possible. This speed and focus is what makes Bridge the clear choice for so many in their search for an English language center. Highlights of our Business English Course: - Common expressions and vocabulary in business English - Practise telephone skills - Practise meeting situations and presentations - Learn how to e-mail effectively - Industry specific business courses available upon request