My Gym Art
My Gym's Learn, Create and Explore program is the perfect class for children who love art and the world of imagination! Children have tons of fun as they participate in a variety of activities such as hands-on art exploration, story time, interactive circle time and so much more! Each week, children LEARN something new about an artist, an art concept, a foreign country, or another fascinating subject – CREATE individual masterpieces around that lesson – and EXPLORE through additional Free-Art experiences and physical activity. Brush painting, sponge painting, sculpting, cutting and pasting are just a few of the ways in which our young artists express their creativity and develop fine motor skills. …And what would a trip to My Gym be without some moving and playing to keep those young bodies healthy and strong! This class is all about learning, creating, exploring and, of course, having My Gym Fun – as children begin to look at art in a whole new way!