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The ministry of environment is striving to achieve several goals, most importantly, protecting the environment through inclusive and sustainable growth for future generation to achieve the vision of 2030.

Reaching the vision would be through wildlife growth, preparing and proposing laws, projects and suitable solutions for all environmental issues, implementing them by training Qatari nationals in implementation of environmental protocols, as well as environmental awareness.

Civil and governmental organizations should coordinate all efforts; cooperate with regions and countries by ratification of environmental agreements and protocols for the purpose of protecting environments.

Strategic Goals for Ministry of Environment:

1. Balance between the social and economic development needs and protecting the environment.
2. Preserving and protecting the environment, including air, land, water and biological diversity.
3. Ensure the quality of environmental health and safety
4. Improve the institutional effectiveness and performance
5. Propose and develop policies and legislations to protect the environment
6. Enhance awareness and environmental culture
7. Support and activate the national, regional and international cooperation.

Organizational structure:

First, administrative units of the minister:

1. Minister's Office
2. Public Relations and Communication Unit.
3. Planning and quality Unit.
4. International Cooperation Unit.
5. The Internal Audit Unit.
6. Waste Treatment Centre
Second, administrative units of the general secretary office:

1- General Secretary office.
2- Projects units
3- Management of environmental processes.
4- Legal department affairs.
5- Management of awareness and environmental education.
Third, administrative units of the Assistant general secretary office for Environmental Affairs

1 Department of Evaluation and Environmental Permits.
2. Management of climate change and renewable energy
3. Management of environmental monitoring.
4. Management of hazardous substances.
5. Department of Environmental Protection.
6. Management of protected areas and wildlife.
7. Water management.
Forth, administrative units of the Assistant general secretary office for agricultural affairs, livestock and fishery:

1. Department of Agriculture.

2. Livestock management.
3. Department of Fisheries.
4. Biotechnology Center
Fifth, administrative units of the Assistant general secretary office for laboratories and standardization:

1. Department of Central Laboratories.
2. Quality management and conformity.
3. Management Standardization and Metrology.
Sixth, administrative units of the Assistant general secretary office for joint services:

1- Human resources management.
2. Department of Finance and Administration.
3. Public Service Management
4. Information technology department

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