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Business Category : Concrete Block Manufacturers
Phone number : 44600046
Fax number : 44600771

For over three decades we have been at the frontier of cement based blocks and tiles here in the State of Qatar. We have worked hard to compete at the highest level, by manufacturing quality products and delivering efficient services to make sure our clients keep coming back.

Specializing in the manufacturing of Concrete Blocks, Tiles and Interlocks, we produce over 200,000 units per day. We supply our produce to some of Qatar's leading construction companies and projects. By concentrating on quality products and customer satisfaction we have established our place within the market as a leading manufacturer and supplier of constructions material.

We have grown on the back of our reputation and have always looked for new ways to enhance our products and services in order to compete with our competitors and surpass them in both quality and cost.

By expanding our operations over the last two decades we have managed to keep with the demands of Qatar's construction boom, without having to raise prices above that of the marker and allowing our customers the piece of mind, that our products will always be available to them at competitive rate.With over 80 employees and a 12,000 sq meter factory space we are always looking to improve through development of our facilities and services in order to accommodate the needs of our customers in an ever evolving world of construction technology.

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Address: Street No. 13 - Gate No. 67 Industrial Area Doha, Qatar
P.O. Box: 2012 , ,

Mobile No. : 44501986
Phone : 44600046
Fax Number : 44600771
Email : info@me-blocks.com
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