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Hope that this site will provide you with up to date information and all you need to know about Marhaba, the various Marhaba products and the team behind it all.

The Marhaba Information Guide was created with the mission to fill an information gap and provide comprehensive, accurate and interesting information about Qatar for the community at large. In its quest to provide this service, since its inception 20 years ago, Marhaba has produced in excess of one million books!

It is through the dedication and hard work of the whole Marhaba team over the years that Marhaba products have achieved their leading and respected position in the market.

The Marhaba brand includes not only the ever-popular Information Guide, but also Pocket Maps, the Marhaba Dining and Shopping Guides, and the souvenir book Qatar Kaleidoscope. Please visit our Products page for detailed information.

Many Marhaba products find their way overseas; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs distribute them to Qatar’s embassies and many companies consider them essential background information as part of their recruitment packages.

Marhaba produces Information Guides and booklets for many organisations in Qatar, including Qatar Tourism and Exhibitions Authority.

Our History

On the realization that there was a need for an information/tourist guide in Qatar, Marhaba Information Guide was founded by Hilary Bainbridge in 1994.

The first edition contained 32 pages and had a print run of 12,000 copies. Today every issue contains 450+ pages and has a per- issue print run that almost doubles the original one. Most of the advertisers from the first issue still advertise with Marhaba today – which must mean something!

Marhaba Information Guide included a map of Doha from the first issue. A truly original work, the Marhaba Map has grown mirroring the growth of Doha City itself over the years. The separate Marhaba Pocket Map was created out of the original Marhaba Information Guide map. Customised Pocket Maps were first produced for the West Asian Games. Since then Marhaba has produced customised maps for many hotels, banks, private companies, and the Doha Asian Games 2006.

Marhaba produced the official 2006 Doha Asian Games Dining Guide. The Marhaba Dining Guide came into being to fill the gap after the Asian Games and the updated 2nd edition was published in 2008. We have just released our 4th edition which is in the shops now.

With a limited amount of space available in the Marhaba Information Guide and a thirst for more information by the general public, Marhaba produced its first dedicated Shopping Guide in 2008. The third edition is available now.

The concept for a new book had been germinating for some time. In late 2008, the Marhaba editorial department gathered the material and produced an eclectic mix of our most interesting stories, designed to be a souvenir of Qatar for visitors and residents to treasure forever. Qatar Kaleidoscope was published in June 2009.

The Team

The Marhaba team is crucial to providing the information our readers and advertisers expect.

We are informed and hardworking yet relaxed and easygoing – just like our products. Constantly at the forefront of life in Qatar, the Editorial team deliver an array of entertaining and informative features on all the latest developments, mixed in with enlightening sections on everything from Living in Qatar to Motoring, giving our readers the confidence to go about their daily lives. Equally, the Sales and Marketing team can show our advertisers and corporate clients how they can fully maximise their advertising potential.

We continually work to update our products – the Marhaba Information Guide, Shopping and Dining Guides, Qatar Kaleidoscope and Maps – but we are always open to undertaking new projects, as per our clients’ requirements. Just get in touch if you would like to know more.

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