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Business Category : Dance Clubs
Phone number : 44462222
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If you’re full of self-hate and fancy plunging yourself headlong into an abyss of fear, loathing and apocalyptic recriminations, look no further: Le Club is the place for you. So dire it has been siphoned off from its parent hotel and is only accessible via a separate entrance and a run-down lift, Le Club is like the after-hours option at the end of the world. The cabinets behind the counter are sparsely populated by grimy bottles of booze, the bar staff are surly and the floor is gummy with spilled drink and spit. Though there are a couple of saving graces. The QR50 entrance fee gets you two free drinks, and the troupe of scantily-clad Filipinos do a pretty mean version of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. For posterity and for the sake of making you feel better about your own life, it’s worth checking out.

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Address: Musherib Street,
P.O Box: 7566, ,

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44462222
Fax Number : 44439186
Email : reservations@mercure.com.qa
Website Url : http://www.mercure.com

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