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Business Category : Financial Planning Consultants
Phone number : 44911893
Fax number : 44911889

JABER BIN ALI ALHEDFA AUDITING & ACCOUNTING was established in 2005, we are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Doha, Qatar.

We perform all core tasks of an auditing and tax consulting firm, including audits conducted in compliance with international guidelines, preparation of annual reports and tax, bookkeeping with regular reporting, wage and salary accounting, valuation reports, integrated financial and liquidity planning, incorporation and liquidation.

We also have a great deal of know-how in the following areas:

Tax consultation and planning with a focus on international aspects
Succession planning and outcomes
Administration of holding and domiciliary companies
Company purchase and sales
Estate administration and receivership
Estate administration and receivership
Consulting including financing and investment cost-benefit analyses

Business Locations

Address: 1st floor Bin Omran Town Centre, Gate 6
PO Box: 16141, Fereej Bin Omran, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44911893
Fax Number : 44911889
Email : info@alhedfa.com
Website Url : www.alhedfa.com

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