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Business Category : Building & Construction
Phone number : 44120889
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DFS's main field of activity concerns Consulting / Design / Installation of Industrial - Superflat Commercial and Special Floors.
More specific:
• Consulting on existing or under construction Floors.
• Design, Study & Installation of Industrial - Superflat, Commercial and Special Floors.
• Supply of Floor Materials and Floor Accessories.
• Maintenance & Restoration of existing Industrial, Commercial and Special Floors.
DFS has specialized Engineering & Technical staff and teams. DFS Methodology, Planning, Consulting & Construction Experience ensures and guarantees the optimum design and construction,for any floor and the most comprehensive and efficient maintenance of industrial,commercial and special flooring. DFS undertakes the construction of floors in Greece, Europe & the Middle East.
- Has a specialized technical staff and Engineering & Technical teams with extensive experience in extremely difficult situations.
- Collaborates with the largest construction companies in Greece, Europe and the Middle East.
- Supports and provides all Materials and Equipment for the floor. - Has permanent care in the development of techniques and methods for the construction of industrial,commercial and special flooring.
.......is able to guarantee the most comprehensive solution for your floor.
We remain at your disposal for more extensive presentation of DFS methodology and projects.

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Address: Meena Street, Al Rufaa Tower
P.O Box: 32367 , ,

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44120889
Fax Number :
Email : qatar@dfs.com.gr
Website Url : www.dfs.com.gr

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