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The Doha English Speaking School, also commonly referred to as DESS, was officially founded in 1981 but its roots go up to a decade earlier, when an English primary school was first built to cater to British children. The school follows the National Curriculum of England, based on which students are divided into 'Key Stages' covering education from Nursery through to Year 11. Foundation Stage consists of Nursery and Reception, Key Stage 1 covers Years 1 and 2, Key Stage 2 covers Years 3 – 6. The school features an adventure playground, gymnasia, a playing field, a library, a cookery room, a music room and a swimming pool, among other amenities.

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Address: Al Fajr Street, PO Box: 7660, Fereej Kulaib, Doha

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Phone : 44592750
Fax Number : 44592761
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