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Doha Academy is a very well known school in Qatar situated in the heart of the city. Doha is also the administrative and business capital of modern Qatar.

Doha Academy opened its doors for the first time in September 2000. The school is supported by the Global Education Centre and administered by the Board of Directors chaired by Sheikha Aisha Bint Faleh Al Thani, a board member of SEC and ROTA.

Doha Academy is recognised in Qatar as a leading Muslim institution of education. We are an example of how to successfully integrate academic and religious curriculum. Our Arabic and Islamic studies curriculum enhances the quality of general education our students receive. Each student feels that he/she is our most valued and appreciated student. They are eager to attend school each day, and are impressed by the school's consistent commitment to prepare them as competent, mature, young adult leaders in our society. Our objective is to provide a safe and supportive environment where our children can learn and grow with Muslim values. Doha Academy has set for itself the goal to better educate its students for living in harmony with their Islamic beliefs in any society.

Doha Academy is an independent, privately owned day school. Boys and Girls are separated in classes from year 6 upwards. The school offers a British based curriculum combined with Islamic teachings from preschool through to year 12. The school attracts many students from Qatar and further a field including other Middle Eastern countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, The United States, Canada and Australia. Our students truly reflect the diversity within the Muslim Ummah. Doha Academy has five divisions on three different campuses: Mamoura Primary school, Mamoura Secondary Boys School, Mamoura Secondary Girls School, Salwa Primary School, and Doha International Kindergarten.

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Address: Doha Academy International Kindergarten DIKG:
Al Maadeed St,P.O. Box 9691, ,

Mobile No. : 44696749
Phone : 44697908
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Address: Doha Academy Kindergarten and School:
Bu Hamour St,Salwa Branch,P.O. Box 9691, ,

Mobile No. : 44505614
Phone : 44509917
Fax Number : 44969526
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Website Url :

Address: Doha Academy Primary & Kindergarten Section:
Al Sidr St P.O. Box 9691, ,

Mobile No. : 44699570
Phone : 44696477
Fax Number : 44969526
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Address: Doha Academy Secondry Boys School:
Al Sidr St,P.O. Box 9691, Al Asiri, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44696486
Fax Number : 44696486
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Address: Doha Academy Secondry Girls School:
Al Sidr St,P.O. Box 9691,Doha, Al Asiri, Doha

Mobile No. : 44581966
Phone : 44581915
Fax Number : 44969526
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