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A unique Arabian ice cream experience has finally become a reality in the Gulf.

Gharissa, “baby palm tree” is the trademark icon for Gharissa Arabian Ice Cream. Local market ingredients combined with top quality Italian secret flavors, work together to create this delicious treat. A secret recipe using fresh ingredients without additives or preservatives makes this a healthy choice.

We offer 50 flavors to entice you into the world of Arabian ice cream and more flavors are currently being tested.

Made under strict hygiene and a sterile environment, fresh ice cream is created daily.

The best Italian equipment is used with staff trained to deliver an exceptional quality product.

With a current capacity to produce 1000 kg per day, production can be increased to 1000-2000 kg per day.

Enjoy your ice cream served in a variety of sizes: 1, 2, and 3 scoop/s cup, 1/2kg, 1kg Styrofoam tubs & 3kg plastic container for catering.

How good is our ice cream? Well, let's just say that on a scale of 1 to 10, we're somewhere around an 11.5. But we’re about more than just serving up amazing ice cream. We like to think we’re really in the business of making people happy... .

It's all about what we call the 10-Minute Vacation®... that 10-minute getaway you deserve from the world outside our doors. Just head inside any Cold Stone Creamery, and that's what you'll get. From our enthusiastic, singing crew members, to the shared laughter of a family enjoying a treat together — if it’s making you, your friends, or your loved ones happy, then we’re doing our jobs right! .

To learn more about us, or for more information on what we do, how we do it, or why we love it — check out our Get In The Mix page! .

Enjoy your ice cream served to your family scoop by favorite scoop and ice cream stick at retail outlets and wholesale locations at hotel restaurants, conventions & exhibitions, local weddings or family party.

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Address: Food Court, Opposite Butcher & Grill,
Villagio Mall, Al Waab Street, Baaya, Al Rayyan

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Phone : 44135591
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Address: Food Court, Hayat Plaza Mall, Al Waab Street, Baaya, Al Rayyan

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Phone : 44514934
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Address: City Centre Mall, West Bay, Doha

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Phone : 44175749
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