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Civil aviation in Qatar dates back to the onset of the 1950s when oil companies embarked upon oil-prospecting in the southern parts of the country.When these companies needed air transportation services to carry their personnel and oil-prospecting equipment, a runway was established in the western part of the country, followed by another one south of Umm Said. In the last quarter of the 1950s, another runway was established east of Doha for commercial air transportation.

At the time, that runway used to receive one plane monthly. As the commercial air transportation developed, the first small airport, situated in the same location of Doha International Airport, was established. The airport was equipped with all the navigating and handling services, in addition to other services for monitoring regular flights to and from Doha.

Since then, steps towards developing Doha International Airport, the basis for civil aviation services in Qatar, have been made. These steps include extensions, services and other facilities. This was accompanied by the economic and architectural renaissance, as well as a strategy for varying resources of national income so that oil does not remain the sole resource. The country made, under the auspices of His Royal Highness the Prince, quantum leaps in various domains. Several huge projects were implemented, e.g. Natural gas projects, import and export ports, infrastructures, petrochemicals, educational cities, and conversion industries. These projects attracted investments that are worth billions of dollars, in addition to thousands of labor forces, including professionals, technicians, engineers, and experts in all fields.

Today, Qatar plays a vital role in the diplomatic and economic arenas. It has hosted a number of regional and international conferences and exhibitions. Moreover, concerned authorities paid a special attention to tourism. Many hotels and spas were built; and a number of tourist locations, with all the supporting services, were created. It is noteworthy that Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA, henceforth) has played a pivotal role in all the foregoing projects.

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