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Business Category : Government
Phone number : 44962000
Fax number : 44962089

The British Embassy in Doha is responsible for developing political, economic and defense relations between Qatar and the UK. We work to help British companies succeed in Qatar and provide a wide-range of consular services to British Nationals.

The Visa Application Centre works in partnership with the British Embassy to manage its visa service: all applications for visas should be submitted at the Visa Application Centre.

Our embassy does a number of jobs including

• Giving practical advice, assistance and support to the ever-increasing number of British nationals who travel or live overseas.
• Dealing with requests for visas, and passports.
• Using our local knowledge to assess the risks to British nationals, which range from terrorism to natural disasters.
• Looking after the UK's commercial interests.
• Supporting UK firms who want to trade and export in overseas markets.
• Encouraging non-UK companies to invest in the UK.
• Being the eyes and ears of the UK Government abroad. Embassies are linked directly into UK government departments providing vital information on developments abroad, and on the effects in the UK of decisions made abroad, and vice-versa.
• Talking regularly to decision-makers and promoting the UK's strengths of integrity, creativity, and openness which helps to boost trade, inward investment, tourism and the influence of UK foreign policy.

We also offer practical help in emergencies including:

• Issuing emergency passports.
• Helping Britons who have been arrested or imprisoned.
• Helping those who have been the victim of a crime.
• Helping those who have fallen ill or been injured.
• Giving practical help to those searching for missing friends or relatives.
• Giving practical help for those dealing with the sudden death of a relative or friend.
• Assessing the risks to British nationals ranging from terrorism to natural disasters.
• Helping British residents and holiday makers affected by a political emergency or natural disaster.
• We legalize thousands of documents each year.

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Address: Off Wahda Street,Near Rainbow Roundabout
P.O. Box: 3, Onaiza, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44962000
Fax Number : 44962086
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