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Alfardan Family has been renowned as one of the Arabian Gulf’s leading merchant families for over one hundred years. Alfardan Group has been a beacon of success for more than 60 years in Qatar’s business community. A business enterprise built around traditional family values and an uncompromising commitment to integrity, premium service and social responsibility, Alfardan Group has distinguished itself for its unique ability to deliver products and services that offer the best possible experience for its customers across a wide range of industries. The foundations of the family’s fortunes were laid towards the end of the 19th century by Ibrahim Alfardan, who established himself as a respected pearl trader dealing in what was then the Gulf’s sole high-value tradable commodity. The clear warm waters of the Arabian Gulf then boasted the finest pearls in the world, and the pearl beds off Qatar’s coast were known to be among the best in the region. Ibrahim’s passion for pearls was so great that he came to be acknowledged as a leading expert on pearls in the Gulf. An attention to detail and a commitment to quality have been central to the Alfardan’s business since the earliest days. The creation of cultured pearls by the Japanese at the end of the 1920s dealt a serious blow to the natural pearl market; the outbreak of World War II caused a catastrophic disruption of trade routes between the Gulf and India, the main market for Gulf pearls, thus further dampening the business. For Alfardan Family, the end of World War II was a time to start fresh, using their business savvy to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new oil era. Sixty years ago Hussain Alfardan re-established his business starting with a small jewellery shop and a currency exchange operation. He was later on assisted by his sons Ali, Fahad, and Omar in rebuilding the business on a scale that Ibrahim, the founder of the dynasty, would not have been able to imagine, making what would emerge as Alfardan Group; a major player not only in the Gulf region but at the world stage as well. Alfardan Group is divided into the following operational divisions: Automotive Jewellery Exchange Property Development Hospitality Marine Services Investment Alfardan Group – Affiliates: Alfardan Properties Management Oman Alfardan Motors Oman Alfardan Jewellery Saudi ARACO

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Address: Al Fardan Plaza Building, Al Sadd Street, Po Box# 3188 , Al Sadd, Doha

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Phone : 44367334
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