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Business Category : Wood Suppliers
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Al – Wafa supplies high quality timbers, building materials and painting products to meet a wide range of specifications, sourced from Europe, North and South America’s and Asia, Machined on site to a very high quality, we are proud of our timber background, a history of traditional craftsmanship balance by an investment in peoples, in a new technology quality control and in lasting relation ships with our trade clients.

Al - Wafa customers ranges from large to small scale such as Governmental sectors, furniture manufacturers, to joiners, building contractors, local carpenters and specialist traders, they all have one thing in common, ( The need of the highe quality of wood products ), where the machining, grade, color, and textures are never compromised. Al - Wafa understands the needs of there customers, with an excellent knowledge handed down two generations of timber merchants.

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Address: Gate No.96, Street No.21
PO Box: 778, ,

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Phone : 44600849
Fax Number : 44504855
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