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Alreayamanpower is a leading company in the Qatari market to bring in labour has been opened. The company operates according to a specific system can be summarized as follows: (Our vision) The Qatari society Families need and work sites to labor expert skilled Secretary to meet the needs of the family, and play their role in the various work sites. (Our mission) Visit countries which meet the required expertise (such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, all states that provide skilled manpower and to identify the available resources, and selection of the finest and the best. (Our goals) Provide excellent experiences, and competencies of high domestics, and drivers, nurses, and all the craftsmen and labour management in all its forms for home use and businesses company. Choose the best, most appropriate and cost, to satisfy all expectations. Focus on employment Avenue honest sincere

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Address: Al Aziziya, Area no. 55, Kaab Bin Zuhair Road no. 90, Building no. 25, Ground Floor., ,

Mobile No. : 55858193
Phone : 44424868
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