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Are yet to make up your mind on the internal landscaping of your home?

Drop in to our show room at Al Obaidly Kitchens, Salwa Road, Doha, to have a look at the latest design trends that we have showcased for you.

Treat our trained staff as your personal friend and get clarification for your queries on sophisticated styles, accessories, materials, installation and costs. They can even give you friendly suggestions that you often look for.

We, at Obaidly Kitchens understand the significance of your kitchen, the hub around which your household revolves. Entrust us with your need and relax, we'll develop the designer schemes specific to your tastes, adding a sparkle and shine to your kitchen.
Your new kitchen – your new hub…

The Mission
"Our mission is to use our experience and innovation to help our customers be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations in our business relations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause us to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results."We believe that we must provide innovative, competitive and top-quality services to our customers.

Our Features
The kitchen may be the busiest room in the house; it’s where life happens. We cook, we talk while we cook, we eat, we clean, stock shelves, read the newspaper, pour coffee, sip tea. Some of us watch our children bang pots and pans on the floor or watch the dog linger over his breakfast bowl. Upgrading and updating a kitchen is a hefty expense, but there are ways to incorporate features one at a time to suit any budget. There are many ways to add helpful and attractive features to make kitchen life more streamlined, more organized, more delightful.

Speaking of pots and pans - pulling them out of that deep bottom cabinet, struggling to find that sauce pan amidst the colanders, frying pans, skillets is a frustrating hassle. Every pan means another bout of reorganization to get everything to fit back in the cabinet. For busy cooks, this simply won’t do. Consider the simple addition of a hanging pot rack. Even if your pots and pans are all mixed and matched, they will appear charming dangling from a wooden rack waiting to be plucked easily and perched on the stove. Or, if you plan to put in new cabinetry, consider pull out options that make finding and retrieving items far easier than was possible a few decades ago.

Our Services:
We provide complete design services, cabinetry & countertop sales and installation. We also offer appliances, fixtures, hardware, and many other items like custom furniture. You will always have a designer available to you and your project. Our door is open to everyone, we've worked with contractors, architects, designers, and home owners for decades so we know what your needs are and we're happy to meet them.

Our trained and knowledgeable designers will guide you through the transformation. Imagine how comfortable you will feel working with a professional who has years of experience.

We have some of the areas finest finish carpenters working to make sure everything is exactly right in your home, as it was on the design table.

We also work closely with many subcontractors to ensure you have the best overall experience possible. Walking you to the finish line of your project is not simply an ideal, this is something we practice.

We wish to be associated with you and would love to have your valuable inquiries for Kitchen, Service equipment or any specific requirement for any special equipment falling within our product range. Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Phone : 44582600
Fax Number : 44582700
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