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Al Makki's jewelry beyond the time, handed down across generations after generations of the beholder rare pearl and other unusual artifacts, rare jewelry and watches. Since its founding in the early last century by the late Ali Makki started operation in trade in natural pearls and expansion of his son by the late Haji Hassan Ali of Makki>s Pearl renowned expert in the Gulf, and then his son, Mr. Imad Hassan, Makki was the best successor to the best predecessor. Assuming the leadership of the name of an ancient horizon for many years in the service of clients in the State of Qatar, Vmutir the development and prosperity of jewelry watches over the names of Makki>s ancient and tastes of high-level watches, jewelry exhibitions by combining them.

Since expert slope of a family lover Tampon long-standing business and trade of pearls and jewelry and watches. He>s one of the sons of this generation affected Babq heritage.

Exhibition hide jewelry watches under the umbrella of Makki many models and long and illustrious names in the world of jewelry and watches, including Frederick Constant, which has a spirit and emotion that comes in many forms, including the restaurant in diamonds, which made of rare metals. And many of the patents. As our customers say: from this hour, acquires, always feel excellence of the techniques that hour rare and unique in its class. And also to have Albina hours with a long history and bright history, which was founded in Switzerland in 1883 by Gottlieb Hauser, let alone for hours and Blenti Kronotik and others.

In addition to our ownership of the Swiss Agency for St. Moritz located origin, including hours and men>s accessories.

This preference of our customers ninety percent of Mjohratna we design ourselves in cooperation with a wide range of professional designers in Italy, Spain and Hong Kong to serve our customers. Often, requests and implement designs for our customers, in absolute secrecy, and we remain keen to continuing our relationship with customers and continuously, so we study and know their comments to tastes and we are translating them into crews and spare expensive high-quality, involving all types of Belgian diamond and precious stones expensive.

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Address: Al Sadd Street,P.O Box: 4392, Al Sadd, Doha

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Phone : 44447733
Fax Number : 44363780
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Address: City Centre Mall,P.O. Box:4392, West Bay, Doha

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Phone : 44830860
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