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Business Category : Food & Beverage
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A relationship grows over time and when nurtured with care it creates a bond that will stand strong even as the years roll by. This is a tenet that the Jawad Business Group truly believes in. In the last 54 years of our presence in the Kingdom, we have recognized that our bond with this glorious country is our strength. Being made in Bahrain... Bahrain has given us the privilege of success, not only in the kingdom, but around the GCC as well. Today as a Bahraini company we are the largest diversified business group, a proud testament of the determination and hard work of our people, Bahraini and expatriate alike.

Over the decades we believe that we have been part and parcel of the very fabric of the Kingdom, giving each and every customer the very best in all our services. Today we will continue to strive and remain passionate about bringing you the best the world has to offer. For we remain true to the significance of this very deep-rooted relationship that will help shape our joint future.

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Address: C Ring Road
P.O. Box: 19100, Al Hilal, Doha

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Phone : 44356440
Fax Number : 44357350
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